Mirroring iPad 2 display to the TV

Mirroring iPad 2 Video to Your TV

When I got my iPad last October, I was astounded that there was no way to mirror your display to a larger screen. This seems like a no-brainer — for training or even demo purposes, you would think that Apple would have some way to mirror the display to an external monitor or LCD screen. I researched this extensively and even talked to the geniuses at the Apple Store. Everything pointed to the same answer: it simply wasn’t possible.

My iPad display mirrored on the Visio TV

The closest thing to it was the A/V cable, which allowed you to output some video streams to an external display. The built-in video player, the YouTube and Netflix apps all supported this feature. This was nice, but it still didn’t give you a way to mirror what you saw on your iPad — an essential capability if you want to demo an app (for example) to an audience.

Fortunately, this is one of the features the iPad 2 supports. It does require the new Apple Digital A/V Adapter ($39) and an HDMI cable. With this, I’m now able to mirror the display of my iPad to my 47″ Visio flatscreen TV and pipe everything through my Pioneer VSX-820 amp.

I’ll be using this at upcoming meetings in the very near future.

Want more? iLounge has a great, in-depth review of the new adapter.

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  1. It is a great application of the Mirroring iPad 2. It has ability to mirror the iPad 2 screen on a high definition TV. You feel the different experience of gaming on iPad2. 

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  2. iPad2 is most popular product of Apple. I have also iPad2. It has so many great and advanced applications. I like this Mirroring application of iPad2. 

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