Flagpole Hiking Friends

The Birthday Hike

Each Wednesday during Daylight Savings Time, I lead an evening hike on what we call the Roller Coaster Ridge in San Clemente. It’s a great 4.6 mile circuit with 360 degree views up and down the coastline and to the mountains, and we are routinely treated to spectacular sunsets behind Catalina Island. It’s beautiful; it’sĀ invigorating; it’s a great workout and it breaks up the week nicely.

Today was no different, as eleven of my hiking friends joined me on our trek to the flagpole and back. The difference? Today was my 49th birthday! As is our routine, we stopped at Wahoo’s after the hike for dinner, and my sweetheart came through with the most delicious cupcakes — yellow with chocolate frosting.

Reflecting on the birthday, it’s great to be energetic, healthy and active, and enjoy the company of so many friends who share the same values. Thanks to Ammie, Amy, Anne, Barbara, Don, Doug, Eve, Karen, Ryan, Stephanie and especially to Joan (who not only baked cupcakes, but treated me well last weekend) — I loved hiking with you, and look forward to the next 49 years on the trail!

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