We’re going to pump you up!

It’s been Monday all day long.

The first workday of the week always seems to take a bit longer to get warmed up. Today was no exception. Alarm clock rang at the ungodly hour of 5 AM; rolled out of bed at 5:15. Hit the road at 6 AM to drop my youngest off at school (his first class starts at 6:30). Traffic over the coastal mountains was backed up for five miles as I snaked my way into OC.

Second cup of java at 8 AM. First meeting at 9:30. Etcetera. Get home, whip up some burritos with leftover steak. Check the forums and the blessed AdSense reports. Traffic seems to be down by 20% today. I’m not the only one off to a slow start.

Finally at 9:40 I manage to drag my sorry butt out to the garage to lift weights for 45 minutes. Now I’m pumped. Which reminds me of the old SNL skit that seemed to imitate a certain Austrian strongman that’s in the news here recently. Hell, I wouldn’t mess with that governor! But I bet his Mondays start slow, too.

[Listening to: New America – Bad Religion – New America (03:24)]

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